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  There will be a fee charged, amount will based on the distance if we attempt to make your delivery and it is not made because payment not there or no one home to accept delivery or if delivery is canceled within 2 business of delivery. Not to exceed $25.00.

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  • EasyBlaze Premium Softwood Pellets

    Discount Price: per ton
    (Cash or check payment)

    Regular Price: per ton

    The Largest Distributor in CT

    Located in Southeastern Virginia, EasyBlaze Wood Fuel’s state of the art production facility manufactures a Super Premium quality wood pellet offered at a price comparable to premium pellets. A stringent quality testing program assures that our product exceeds the standards of the Pellet Fuel Institute. Composed of all natural biomass products, EasyBlaze Wood Fuel produces a wood pellet that burns efficiently and provides long lasting heat.  Enjoy an EasyBlaze Wood Fuel fire today, whether in one of our unique appliances or as a primary heating source for your home or business.

  • Purcell Premium Softwood

    Discount Price: cash or check
    (Cash or check payment)

    Regular Price: per ton





  • Dry Creek Premium

    Discount Price: per ton cash or check
    (Cash or check payment)

    Regular Price: per ton

    The largest supplier in CT

    Made from Choice Hardwoods

    Dry Creek Premium wood pellets are specially formulated to optimize stove performance.
    Consistently high BTUs with minimal ash for less stove cleaning 
    Uniform pellets, thanks to exacting manufacturing standards
    Minimized fines for less waste
    No foreign matter that can create jams in your stove’s pellet hopper
  • Wood Pellet Co.


    Very Limited Amount

    Wood Pellet Inc. has remained an economical and user friendly hardwood pellet for many years. That and the Excellent customer feedback is why it was the first brand BT ever sold and has been going strong for almost 15 years.
    Wood Pellet Inc. was started by a lumber mill in 1992 in Pennsylvania. Only fresh sawdust is used. No Poplar or Basswood trees are used as this causes a lower BTU creates more ash. This is an all hardwood and is a premium pellet that is short to med length.

  • Maine Woods


    100% premium hardwood blend made in Maine low ash approx. 8400 btu and is short to medium length,

  • Cubex Premium Hardwood

    Discount Price: per ton cash or check
    (Cash or check payment)

    Regular Price: per ton

    For Turman pellet users. During the shortage this past winter many customers that burned Turman indicated that they were impressed with Cubex and  found them very comparable if not better thanTurman. Cubex is also produced by a hardwood flooring company.

    You be the judge: Cubex has been named the #1 Hardwood in 2012 & 2013 !!!

    Cubex is from a Canadian company called Lauzon, one of the top floor manufacturers. Cubex is 100% hardwood that is manufactured from hardwood flooring. This pellet is of premium grade with less than .4% ash and is 1/4" to 1" in length. 

  • Energex American

    Discount Price: per ton cash or check
    (Cash or check payment)

    Regular Price: per ton

    Energex Amerian is one of the largest pellet producers in North America. They are made from clean hardwood sawdust that is free of additives and bark.


  • Lacrete Super Premium Softwood

    Discount Price: per ton
    (Cash or check payment)

    Regular Price: per ton

    Super Premium Softwood Pellet from B.C.

    If you liked Okanagan you will love Lacrete. It has a high BTU and Low Ash without the high price tag.

    Only the finest material is used and dried to the lowest moisture possible before being used in the pelletizing process. No additives are used, only the natural resins and binders hold the pellets together.

  • Hamer "Hot Ones" Super Premium


    Limited Supply

    Hamer Hot Ones are a 100% hardwood Super Premium Pellet. They are an extremely low ash pellet with high heat, that is why they call them the "HOT ONES". They are manufactured in Elkins,West VA.

  • North Country

    Discount Price: ton skid
    (Cash or check payment)

    Regular Price: ton

    Super Premium Softwood 

     A 100% natural product manufactured from the clean, dry residues of Spruce-Pine softwood lumber processing.

    Carbon Neutral from Certified Forests,No additives or bark; the natural wood resin holds our pellets together, High BTU value,Low Moisture, Low Ash,

    • Pellets are 100% biodegradable
  • Ambiance Super Premium Hardwood

    Discount Price: $280 cash or check
    (Cash or check payment)

    Regular Price: $289 per ton

    Super Premium 100% HardwoodValfei is a manufacture Ambiance super premium wood pellets. Our wood pellets are made of 100% hardwood, mostly maple, oak and wild cherry. They are produced in our Shawinigan (Québec, Canada) Production plant. Throughout the manufacturing process, Valfei hardwood pellets undergo several quality controls to assure superior quality. They are also screened two times during processing with the goal of obtaining minimum dust in each bag. 

    Customer response:

    Ambiance pellets have been outstanding, they burn very well with very little ash in my Quadrafire fireplace insert.

    Mike S

  • Energex Canadian Blend


    Very Limited Amount

    Energex Pellets (exceeds the PFI's premium grade standard. Their 60/40 blend are designed to burn hotter and have been tested to yield a BTU value averaging between 8300 to 9000 BTUs per pound (on a dry basis). Their average ash content is approx. 0.5% and moisture content is 5% to 6%. There are no sulfur emissions from the pellet fuel.

  • Logik-e Super Premium Hardwood Pellet


    Largest Supplier in CT

    Super Premium hardwood, High Heat, low ash small auger friendly pellet.
    Exceptional quality & consistency. Made from clean dry wood shavings & sawdust,
    Only dry hardwood used: maple, oak, hickory, walnut, etc…,
    Independently tested periodically by certified testing facilities,
    Superior low ash content due to quality of the raw material,
    Extremely efficient, clean burning, high heat, and low emission,
    Very low moisture will make for higher BTU.
  • Spruce Pointe


    Limited quantity !

    This is Canadian softwood made from premium pinewood. It contains very little fines, broken pellets or sawdust. It offers up to 8700 Btus with less than 1% ash content. It contains no bark.

    must be stored inside